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About taking pictures for “exposure”

Again – in light of recent events:

I would like to express my gratitude to the people who called us in recent months, offering “exposure” as a form of payment for our services. There were also generous offers of “opportunities”, “lots of future assignments” and “possible long term relationships” instead of the more conventional “money”.

Just to make sure that these new currencies would be widely accepted, we tried to pay some of our bills with them. Surprisingly, neither camera – nor computer- manufacturers, phone-companies or even gas stations were willing to work with this form of payment.

Under the circumstances, we may have to continue to accept more ‘old school’ forms of compensation.

US Dollars, for example, work really well 😉

The good news: A team of skilled, trained and experienced professionals will do absolutely anything it takes to give you your money’s worth!

By Dirk Franke


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