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On location: Capetown, SA

Not exactly “just around the corner” from my house, getting to Capetown is quite a trip. At some point, about 10-12 hours into the flight, you really don’t know what cheek to sit on anymore…. Once you get there – the landscape in South Africa is breathtaking. If you ever happen to get there, rent a car and drive – it’s amazing! Capetown itself is a very pretty city as well, situated right on the water and spread out over several different bays. There are plenty of beach locations, some of them with beautiful rocks. Capetown is full of modern architecture, you’ll find very stylish homes with large infinity pools, lots of glass and metal and pretty cool furniture.

When it comes to safety, South Africa does not enjoy the best reputation. I quick look at the history of the country will explain why.  Be alert – use common sense.

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