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On location: Mallorca, Spain

The island of Mallorca is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea. It’s one of the most popular European summer vacation hotspots, which means the “œtourist per square-foot” density in August is extremely high.  Although Mallorca has dozens of beautiful outdoor locations (country houses, old spanish farms, beaches) we shot at an an indoor / outdoor daylight studio this time. Far away from mass tourism! Why fly all the way to Spain to shoot in a studio? First of all the client was European. Secondly, the concept called for clean white backgrounds. Thirdly, Mallorca has very stable weather at this time of the year and the light is beautiful! We have literally not seen a cloud in more than a week. Last not least, Mallorca developed an impressive infrastructure for the photo and film industry in recent years. Production companies, location scouts, studios, rental houses, it’s all there. If you ever want to shoot there check out for studio and/or equipment. VERY nice guys, good selection of equipment. They also have offices in Madrid, Barcelona and nice studios in Marbella. 

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