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On location: Rome

I have not been to ROME in several years, but from the moment I arrived there I was asking myself œwhy not? Rome is a fascinating city! It takes a few moments to get adjusted to the traffic because every vehicle seems to drive at it’s top speed (yes, even the Ferraris!). Once you made it across a few intersections alive though, you’ll see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A massive open air museum of historic sights on the one hand, a shopping paradise for art and design on the other. Classic, stylish, bursting with life. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to explore thee city the way we would have liked to, we had a tight schedule. After Rome Lene & I went to Tuscany to meet some friends and spend a well deserved vacation. 2 weeks of “Dolce Vita”, wonderful Italian wines and the most delicious food on the planet. We’ll have to double the gym-time when we get back home…..

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